Fabric Brushing Machine

Gayatritex Fabric Brushing, Binding and Checking Machine, Master Brush is realible tool to remove working impurities from fabric brushing machine. It brushes and beats the fabric and all the dust taking away by highly suction device. Modular design of brush allows to fix thos unit by means of just 4 bolts on any existing Machine like stenter, sizing, calender, inspection etc. Gayatritex manufacturers suppliers and exporters of fabric brushing machine and fabric binding machine in Mumabi India and all over the world with latest designed. Adding master brush adds a process in your existing fabric brushing Machine and fabric binding Machine to save manpower.

Fabric Brushing Machine:

  • Fabric Brushing Machine contains a pair of brush rolls to remove the dust and impurities to clean the fabric
  • Beaters also provide the same system
  • Tension mechanism is provided guide roll to increase the brushing intensity
  • High Pressure suction and Dust Collector System
  • Can be install in line with fabric checking Machine